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Meet Dr. McHale

J Steven McHale DMD

After 30 years of private practice and many heartfelt experiences, I want to extend the passion that I have for this profession and share experiences to guide dental care givers for years to come.

My career began in St. Louis, at Washington University in 1977. As a 1981 graduate, I gained valuable experience on a three year Residency for the Indian Health Service. In 1984, I worked as an associate dentist once a week and as an HMO dentist three days a week. The following year, I borrowed $70K and opened a small practice, which employed only myself and a hygienist, while I maintained my other two jobs. My associate position continued for four years until I purchased the practice, which was located in Valley Center, in 1989. I worked in both locations for 20 years and sold one of the practices in 2002. Along with speaking engagements, I continue to practice three days a week and enjoy being able to make people smile.

Peoples health means everything. We are experts in dentistry now with our years of clinical practice and thousands of hours of continuing education. Performing ADVANCED DENTISTRY is common for us and happens daily. We know that a healthy maintained mouth, greatly helps a body stay healthy. We know that earlier treatments are quicker and less expensive for patients. So our healthy hygiene program is here to maintain good quality dentistry, natural beautiful teeth, and supporting tissues in our mouth. 

Teeth are and amazing part of our anatomy. They are covered with enamel (like marble) strong enough to withstand the worst of conditions. The enamel can be penetrated with caries, the sooner it is stopped the better. When our gums recede and our roots are exposed the softer part of the tooth structure is porous and is affected by substances and bugs more easily and in a shorter time frame.

We always look for the easiest way to take care of your specific needs to restore your mouth back to a healthy one; disease free. WE THEN WANT TO MAINTAIN YOU THERE at intervals that allow a healthy mouth to stay that way.

Our hygienists are experts in their field. Their eyes can see more than you can. Hygienists are essential to a good dental practice that has a strong desire to maintain healthy patients.

I like to help people achieve happiness; life has great opportunities in store for all of us. Allow yourself to learn from others' successes as well as their failures. The central focus in dentistry is the same; utilize your opportunities to learn how to provide the best possible treatment for your patients. The practice of dentistry is an art and a science to be practiced with diligence, love and respect. I look forward to seeing you soon.